Agile Retrospective

An excellent way to perform a retrospective is to ask the Five Whys: Ask why five times to understand the root cause of a problem.

Here is an example:

Problem: The server is slow.

Why #1: Because it is running out of memory.

Why #2: Because the code has a memory leak.

Why #3: Because it was not tested properly.

Why #4: Because we do not have good automated tests.

Why #5: Because we have not received training in automated testing.

Michael de la Maza

I am an agile coach and an angel investor. As an agile coach, I have consulted and trained at dozens of companies. Major agile coaching engagements have been with Paypal, State Street, edX, Carbonite, and Symantec. I typically begin with culture first and then proceed to process improvement and business results. I believe in a non-confrontational, non-coercive approach to change in which people are invited to be and act in a new way. This takes the pain out of agile transformations.

With Rob Rubin, an online education pioneer and the Founding VP of Engineering at edX, I recently created, an online agile education portal that we plan to grow until it has the best agile content and the best learning platform.