Questions an Agile Coach Might Ask

Here are questions that an agile coach might ask before working with you and your organization:

  • Tell me about your company.

  • Tell me about your role.

  • How does your company make money?

  • How does your company develop software today?

  • How does your company implement new training programs?

  • What is the decision process for selecting a coach?

  • Why are you planning to adopt Scrum?

  • If you do not successfully adopt Scrum, what might the negative consequences be?

  • What benefits do you expect to experience from transitioning to Scrum?

  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how urgent is your need to transition to Scrum?

  • What problems are there with your current development process?

  • When do you plan to launch your first Scrum team? What are you doing to ensure that the launch will be successful?

  • What is your ideal future state?

  • What differences are there between your current state and your ideal future state?

What Does An Agile Coach Do?

A man is walking down the street and falls into a manhole. He calls his priest on his cell phone. The priest tells him to do thirty rosaries and the Lord will lift him out. He does the rosaries and the Lord does not lift him out.

He then calls his therapist who writes him a prescription for Prozac. His therapist tells him that once he chills out he will be able to figure out how to get out of the manhole. He takes the Prozac but still finds himself stuck.

He then calls his life coach who sends him a motivational tape and tells him to visualize his way out. The man does so and nothing happens.

Finally, an agile coach walks by and the man once again cries out for help. The agile coach immediately jumps into the manhole.

The man exclaims, “What are you doing!? You are supposed to get me out of this manhole, not jump into it!”

The agile coach says, “I’ve been in this hole before and gotten out, and we will get out together.”

[This is adapted from a story told by Nicole Daedone of OneTaste.]